After listening to “The Comfort We Find In Our Vices” over and over I just couldn’t help but notice that this song has a little darker feel than the rest of “Degeneraterra”. I kept hearing lines that I really wanted to understand the meaning behind.
Andrew Wells was nice enough to sit down with me again and explain just exactly what those lyrics meant and the concept of the song as a whole.

AW:“I went wandering around the devil’s sea, searching for the skeleton key” actually contains a literal reference in the concept of Degeneraterra referring to a region of the Pacific near Tokyo (the Bermuda Triangle). The lyric suggests that the character (if you personify it in that syntax) is searching for answers and key to all of their problems in celestial or paranormal places. It introduces the core topic for the rest of the song.”

AW: “I will not sit idly by and let him devour my roots” is a reference to the prior verse line where I say “to tame the lion that is will is a burden and a blessing”. I’ve always toyed with the idea of personifying habitual tendencies as an animal, and lion always seems to come to mind. The king of the jungle with no hesitation to eat you alive the same way your addictions have the potential to do the same. It’s up to us to not allow those things to destroy our futures or our histories.
AW: “I tell myself to let it go. When you realize your addictions keep you polarized, you’ll learn to let it go” is a personal line that I essentially wrote for myself at the time. A way to remind myself every time I get trapped in those awful, anxiety ridden frames of mind to let it go and keep pushing forward. No matter what.

I notice I constant theme of rebirth on this album. Could you elaborate on that?

“There are a number of amazing theories and concepts behind the idea of rebirth that I align myself with personally and I feel like that absolutely comes out in this album even more than “The Great Glass Elephant”. The rebirth focus in “The Comfort We Find In Our Vices” encompasses the idea that you will always have an opportunity to recreate yourself and change your life. For some people they may want a physical transformation, for others they may seek a spiritual awakening or some sort of emotional strength to help them through life. This song explores the methods that shape that idea and some of the struggles you might encounter along the way.”
AW: “So in that full verse “We detach and isolate when we’re just fractions of a whole, but in the ways we are connected lie the signal and the soul” I wanted to bring reference to the things that separate us from life and what we can do to see between the lines to find meaning and connection. There are so many things that we as human beings like to see as dividers, so that we can individualize ourselves and propagate this fallacy that we’re the only ones who matter, but those things just aren’t real. Those things are manifestations of our fears and our doubts and they hinder us from really knowing trust, love, each other, or even ourselves.”

NT: This entire song sounds like catharsis. The way you’re singing “I’ll cut you out” sounds like you need to get those words out of you.

AW: “I did need to say that. And sing it as loud and as passionately as I physically could. I think we’ve all experienced a moment in time where we thought the struggle in our lives could not possibly be any worse, and arguably there will always be someone out there suffering more than you ever have. But when you push through that suffering and receive a genuine opportunity to give yourself a chance at a better life there are always things that you have to sacrifice to obtain that. “I’ll cut you out” means eliminating that negative force in your life; that addiction, that depression, that anxiety, that doubt, that self-consciousness, that narcissism. It’s never easy, but there are a lot of incredible people in this world that have a genuine desire to help one another and provide that additional support.

Check out “The Comfort We Find In Our Vices” below. The second release off the album “Degeneraterra”, which will be released 05/05/15! I can assure you this will be one of the best albums of the year. You can pre order the album HERE!