Luke Holland started playing drums ten years ago at age 11. After only a decade of playing he’s able to do drum covers of songs from literally every genre-flawlessly. He’s currently playing in the band The Word Alive.
Watch my ten favorite covers he’s done over the last few years below:

Skrillex- “Cinema” Live at Seoul Drum Fest

Michael Jackson- “Thriller”

Underoath- “Writing On The Walls”

Bassnectar- “Upside Down”

Woe, Is Me- “[&] Delinquents

B.O.B. feat Lil’ Wayne- “Strange Clouds”

Ellie Goulding- “Starry Eyed”

Wiz Khalifa- “Black & Yellow”

We Came As Romans- “Misunderstanding”

We Came As Romans– “To Plant A Seed”

The Mars Volta– “Wax Simulacra”