The first time this band came to my attention, unfortunately, my attention was elsewhere. I was at a show and they were opening. I remember being impressed but I was waiting for Circa Survive, and frankly it was a time when I was a bit more closed minded about music and I didn’t really focus on their show.  And now I sit here playing “Is Survived By” daily, wishing I would have given the live show some more attention.
Any artist that can convey emotions in such a raw fashion has to be respected. Jeremy Bolm sounds like he needs to get these words out of his mind before they rip him apart. That sense of urgency lends to a very relatable and playable album. From beginning to end it only spans a little over 29 minutes. It fuses together so well that at certain times it’s hard to tell what’s a pause and what’s a track change.
Now, that can be a really horrible thing for a band many times. Under normal circumstances, the sounds all sound the same when that’s the case. This is one of those rare exceptions where instead, the songs are so cohesive and synced that I find myself getting lost in this beautiful natural progression of sound.
Bolm has this amazing way of singing and screaming at the same time. It’s something very few singers can pull off correctly. He has managed to craft a sound, with the help of a team of guys who are all playing their instruments so relentlessly and with such precision, that this band can’t help but head the much needed return of real, honest, rock music. You can call it post hardcore, hardcore, punk, at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter.
And I could sit and endlessly quote the lyrics of any of Touche‘s albums, but that doesn’t do artists like this justice. Give a listen and be thankful that rock is NOT dead.

In retrospect, when I saw Touche perform all those years ago, I don’t think I was emotionally ready for what I was hearing. Maybe it took all of the darkness that would come in the years to follow for me to truly understand and appreciate such an intensely honest band.
The band just got done with a spot on the Coachella Valley Music Festival. They’re gearing up for two rock festivals: Bled Fest on May 23 in Howell, Michigan and Heavy Fest on August 14 & 15 in the U.K.
Listen to 3 of Touche Amore‘s albums below:

“Is Survived By”

“Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me”:

“…To The Beat of A Dead Horse”

Touche Amore
Jeremy Bolm- Vocals
Clayton Stevens- Guitar
Nick Steinhardt- Guitar
Tyler Kirby- Bass
Elliot Babin- Drums