This is a documentary that I found on Netflix so I didn’t really go into it with any expectations- I had never heard of it before.
The premise is basically this: four college students got together in 2010 and decided to take on the challenge of surviving in rural Guatemala on just one dollar a piece per day for two months. That’s the typical wage of a citizen in that country today. They brought their own cameras to document their journey.
Living On One. Guys
At first they released short YouTube videos from their trip. The videos quickly shot to over half a million views and the guys knew they had a real opportunity to do something amazing. They turned the footage from the film into a full length movie (below) and started their own non profit organization in 2012, Living On One, which is “a production and social impact studio that creates films and educational videos to raise awareness and inspire action around extreme poverty.”
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This film impacted me in a massive way and I know it will do the same for many, many others.
Watch a preview of the documentary “Living On One Dollar” below:

Watch and buy the whole documentary here: