The Mars Volta have always been my favorite band. When they decided to part ways I was certainly disappointed. Especially knowing I’d never get to see them live again. I say again because I did get to experience their live show ONE time. I have never seen a group of such musically talented people before.
At no moment in the show did the music actually stop. There was always something going on. Whether it was soft drum patterns (or insane drum solos) from Thomas Pridgen or even just subtle distortion and noises from Omar (Rodriguez Lopez)‘s guitar. The combination of Cedric (Bixler Zavala)’s vocals and unique way of working literally the entire stage were mind blowing.
The artwork on the walls was complemented by whatever genius light man they have touring with them. The visual effects, the audio effects, everything had a purpose- to create a larger piece of art.
It was by far the best live music experience I have ever been a part of, and you’ll see why in the video below!

1. “Son et Lumiere”00:50
2. “Inertiatic E.S.P.”02:18
3. “Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)”06:40
4. “Drunkship of Lanterns – Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus”17:40
5. “Eriatarka”26:44
6. “Cicatriz E.S.P.”35:13
7. “This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed”49:54
8. “Televators”54:26
9. “Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt”1:01:34
10. Solos – 1:06:10
11. “Concertina”1:16:23

The Mars Volta
Live at The Electric Ballroom in London, England