Just one more project in a long line of genius ideas from comedian Doug Benson. He is living the REAL American dream, constantly finding new ways to make a living doing the things he would probably do in his free time anyway.
Multiple successful stand up specials, television shows, a few movies, and of course the podcasts. First came ‘Doug Loves Movies’, a podcast that he began recording in 2006 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in L.A. in front of a live audience.
Then in 2013 came ‘Getting Doug With High’. The simple idea of sitting down with a guest, smoking, and talking became arguably even more of a cult phenomenon than Doug’s previous ventures. Over the last two years he has had tons of unexpected, hilarious guests, the first of which was Jenny Slate (first video below). He’s even done a few of these with a 5 guest panel in front of a live audience (two of which you’ll see below).

Watch my favorite episodes of ‘Getting Doug With High’ below. Happy 4/20 everyone!