Whether you’re a street artist who’s ready to find a new medium or just broke and bored, this simple idea will change our city streets forever if it’s utilized. One of the easiest, most fun DIY projects I’ve come across in a while. My 239 friends can expect to see pieces like this around town very soon.

You only need these 4 ingredients (with an optional 5th)
1. A small handful of moss
2. 2 cups of buttermilk OR plain yogurt
3. 2 cups of water
4. 1/2 tsp. of sugar
5. Corn syrup (Optional)

The steps of this process are laid out in order in these photos, with a few others’ results at the end.

Step One: Find the moss (in a damp area outside [rock, side of a tree, etc]) and clean as much soil as possible out of the roots.
Moss Grafiti. Moss


Step Two: Break down the moss and place it into a blender.
Moss Grafiti. Blender

Step 3: Add your buttermilk/yogurt, water, and sugar. (Corn Syrup is an OPTION, used to thicken the paste.) As you can see in the picture below, this individual is using beer in their mixture. I don’t know why nor do I believe that it’s necessary to create the same result.
Moss Grafiti. Mixing

Step Four: Pour the paste into a bucket and make sure not to over mix as you want to keep the moss as intact as possible. You can see the desired consistency in the photo below.
Moss Grafiti. Bucket

Step 5: Grab a brush and hit the streets. Water your work & check back on it every week or so because the before and after is the best part!
Moss Grafiti. Green before

Moss Grafiti. Green after

Moss Grafiti. Bear

Moss Grafiti. Hope

Information via WikiHow.