There has been a lot of talk about this film ever since Zack Snyder announced he’d be casting Ben Affleck as Batman.
A lot of fans (myself included) didn’t know what to think and were hoping that casting choice wouldn’t ruin such a possibly epic movie.
With nothing but a few hints at artwork (including the Batmobile design)
and casting until this point, last night a trailer was leaked across the world of the internet.
From the looks of it, Snyder brought no shortage of his dark genius to the table on this project. And, I hate to say it but seeing Affleck in this trailer makes me think maybe I shouldn’t have second guessed this film to begin with. It isn’t slated for release until March 25th, 2016, but Warner Bros. couldn’t wait to give the world a look at what will undoubtedly be next year’s biggest blockbuster.
Check out the trailer right HERE: