“Instant Gratification” dropped on Tuesday and it is nothing short of a masterpiece. Every member of the band compliments each other’s styles perfectly. Somehow, they took all the best aspects of the work they’ve done so far and put them into one project.
Listening from beginning to end, there is not a dull or questionable moment on this album. The work on this record in particular speaks to why AP nominated Will Swan for Guitarist of the Year (Click HERE to vote for him). Tilian‘s vocals couldn’t be any more beautiful or well utilized. Tim (Feerick) and Matt (Mingus) keep a solid rhythm section the entire way through, one that shines when it needs to and fades out when necessary. Of course, as always, there’s some wonderful, mind bending Jon Mess lyrics to tie the entire machine together. As if that wasn’t enough, to top it off, Will Swan spits some serious bars on the track “Eagle vs. Crows”.

It’s not as though one member overshadows the others. This is a band who is clearly working very closely together and creating a new style of music in the process. The fluidity of the songs, in the exact order they’re in, has left me fairly certain I will never tire of this record. This is a piece of work that will go down in history.
Huge shout out to Kristofer Crummet for doing some of the best production work I’ve heard in many years.
Listen to the entire album below:

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Dance Gavin Dance- “Instant Gratification”
1. “We Own The Night”
2. “Stroke God, Millionaire”
3. “Something New”
4. “On The Run” 
5. “Shark Dad”
6. “Awkward” 
7. “The Cuddler”
8. “Legend”
9. “Eagle vs. Crows”
10. “Death Of A Strawberry”
11. “Variation”
12. “Lost”

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Kris Crummet
Cover art by Mattias Adolfsson
Management: Eric Rushing and Will Stevenson of The Artery Foundation
Dance Gavin Dance is:
Tilian Pearson- Vocals
Jon Mess- Vocals
Will Swan- Guitar/Vocals
Tim Feerick- Bass
Matt Mingus- Drums

2015 Rise Records