Claymation versions of famous people battling it out in a wrestling ring until some kind of brutal death similar to that of a finishing move from Mortal Kombat? That’s not an acid trip or a nightmare, that’s just late ’90’s T.V.
Celebrity Deathmatch first aired in 1998 and it ran until 2001.
THEN, in 2006, the show got rebooted to MTV2 and ended up being their highest rated season premiere ever. It was cancelled after only a short time in 2007.
93 episodes of the show aired, in total.
Now, after eight long years, the folks at MTV decided it was time to bring this classic back. No definite word on whether Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond will be returning this go around.
celebrity deathmatch

It will air on MTV2 with no current definite premiere date.

Watch some of the fights from the original season of Celebrity Deathmatch below:

 Celebrity Deathmatch
Created by Eric Fogel (1998-2002)
Directed by Andrew Horne & Jack Fletcher (2006-2007)