It’s time again for another monthly playlist. Starts off with a few new Dance Gavin Dance tracks, then progresses into some softer rock (Eidola, PVRIS) then into the R&B and Hip-hop. As always there’s a little something for everyone.
Make sure you check out the last video to watch our good friend Jakey S.F.T.S.‘s first ever performance at the Teal Cheese show on March 22!

Track Listing:
1. Dance Gavin Dance“Stroke God, Millionaire”
2. Dance Gavin Dance“We Own The Night”
3. I The Mighty– “Playing Catch With .22”
4. Hands Like Houses- “I Am”
5. Hail The Sun“Relax/Divide” (Acoustic Session)
6. Chon- “Story”
7. Chon- “But” Feat. Matt Garstka
8. Eidola“The Great Deception”
9. Brent Walsh- “Ride The Air & The Truth Is” In The Valley Sessions, Acoustic
10. PVRIS- “White Noise”
11. The Weeknd- “Earned It”
12. J. Cole- “G.O.M.D.”
13. J. Cole- “Apparently”
14. Ellz “Summer Wishes”
15. Ellz- “Smoke”
16. Mouf. & Bugzy Lavoe“Birdman’s Duvet”
17. Kendrick Lamar “Wesley’s Theory”
18. Kendrick Lamar “i”
19. Kendrick Lamar- “King Kunta”
20. Kevin Gates “Perfect Imperfection”
21. Kevin Gates “In My Feelings”
22. Denzel Curry- “Zone 3”
23. Denzel Curry- “N64”
24. Future- “March Madness”
25. Future- “Codeine Crazy”
26. Future- “Hardly”
27. Jakey S.F.T.S.– Live set at the Teal Cheese show, March 22, 2015