Looking to join a team or a GLOBAL NETWORK of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs?   Well a small company by the name of GOOGLE is involved with a new amazing worldwide phenomenon that we thought you should know about!

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Got 54 hours this weekend or a weekend coming up?   Do you want to meet developers, designers, marketers, product managers?  Want your own business?

STARTUP WEEKEND is where entrepreneurs and business enthusiast can come together to form teams that build products that can bring your dreams to life!

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Still with me?

Good!  So here is the breakdown!

  • Friday, people from around the world pitch their best ideas to inspire others to join their team.
  • Saturday, the teams focus on customer development
    • validating their ideas
    • practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies
    • building a minimal viable product.
  • Sunday evening the teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts!

OK I get it!  You want to learn more.  So you can find everything you need to know here!

Just remember it’s No talk, all action from here on out!