Circa Survive are currently on tour with Balance and Composure and Chon. Circa seems to be in a never-ending cycle of touring. It makes one wonder how these guys have time for anything else.
Here’s a few behind the scene’s videos the band posted from this run of dates so far:


Set list: (Playlist above)
1. “Child of The Desert”
2. “Schema”
3. “Glass Arrows”
4. “Holding Someone’s Hair Back”
5.  “In the Morning And Amazing…”
6. “Strange Terrain”
7. “Living Together”
8. “The Greatest Lie”
9. “Sharp Practice”
10. “Through The Desert Alone”
11. “Only The Sun”
12. “Phantom”
13. “In Fear And Faith”
14.  “The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is The Dose”
15. “Nesting Dolls” (with Nathan of Chon and Bailey of Balance and Composure)
16. “Get Out” & “Bulls on Parade” teaser