The band have been hinting at a new project the last few days. Leaking album artwork and lots of #LP2.
Then, yesterday they set a release date and dropped a video for the first single from “Connector”, due out June 2nd on Equal Vision Records.
Check out the pre-order bundles HERE!

Track List:
1. “An Epilogue as a Prologue”
2. “Lady of Death”
3. “The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray”
4. “Psychomachia”
5. “Adrift”
6. “Slow Dancing Forever”
7. ” Friends” (feat. Max Bemis)
8. “Playing Catch with .22”
9. “Andrew’s Song”
10. “The Hound and the Fox”
11. “(No) Faith in Fate”
12. “The Frame I: Betrayal in the Watchtower”