What’s black and white and looks really cool?


If you guessed WearFAKEID then your were right.


Wear Fake ID is a fresh new clothing line pushing it’s way quickly onto the market.  Founded by Ross Gassman and Max Pallot, Wear FakeID offers original fitted long- bottom Tees.


This shot is taken from the co-founder of#WearFakeID @djrauce representing his own line alongside EDM Star @audien in #Philly the other night.

So if your a dj or anyone else looking to freshen your threads before the weekend, be sure to follow their social media accounts and get connected on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

@ wearfakeid


Go ahead and get in touch with the guys and let them know your size and next time you go out….don’t forget your #fakeid.

CONTACT via Email- wearfakeid@gmail.com