Do you see that hashtag? Don’t forget it.

Youtube has sorted through and collected,  50 amazing artists have OVER 164 million subscribers and….wait for it….


47 billion lifetime views on YouTube.


Music Videos are a beautiful place where talented Directors, Artist and Musicians all coming together to produce the highest quality story and image that make each song memorable and display them on the worlds largest platform!

Are you still not excited?  #YTMA gives us 32 reasons why you should be.

Featuring names such as

Cahoots – Charli XCX – Ed Sheeran – Martin Garrix- Max Schneider- Migos – Kygo – Megan Nicole – Nicky Jam – Shamir and MORE…we will be doing a review of EACH music video and talking more about #YTMA videos in depth for days to come here @tealcheese