We are delighted to have another post from our European Correspondent Amanda Lucy Bagley. She’s currently reporting to us from the lively city of Madrid, Spain.

Dream Job ?
I am always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up. I really enjoy all of the answers I get. From the farfetched “Princess” or “Ninja”. To the more reasonable Doctor or Housewife.

To be honest, after 26 years I am still looking for ideas. On the 26 hour bus ride to Madrid I mulled it over. My dream job would have to combine my love for sports, travel, and writing. I shot down the idea of being a sports journalist as it would take years if not decades to really get my foot in the door. So my dream of being published in Sports Illustrated was over before I even thought of the way to make it a reality. Then I thought my only other option would be to send my CV to FC Bayern Munich and see if the greatest soccer club in the world had somewhere they could utilize my expertise in media and writing as well as my love for the game.

Enter Adam Baderformer Social Media Manager for Real Madrid

So you can imagine my excitement last Saturday when I was introduced to 26 year old Adam Bader at a picnic in the beautiful Retiro park here in Madrid. Adam is the former Social Media Manager of another European powerhouse Real Madrid Adam and I met up the next day to watch some soccer and he let me ask him a few questions between exchanging stories of love and loss.

Amanda: “How did you get started at the club?”

Adam: “Growing up in Libya I had always been a die hard Real Madrid Fan. I had my own blog called and I was really active on Twitter. Infact, at one point I had more Real Madrid fans following me on Twitter than the actual Club did. That’s how they originally discovered me and in October of 2009 the Club invited me to visit the stadium. From then on we kept in touch. They started asking me for my opinion on things especially about Social Media. Eventually, they offered me a freelance contract to replace the agency they were working with because they weren’t getting results. I worked as a freelancer for a year, then I moved to Madrid and started working full-time.”

It seemed like the odds were really against Adam given the war in Libya. As well as issues getting him a visa to live and work in Spain. The fact that Adam was able to overcome these obstacles is the real story in my opinion. Clubs are more like families in the sense they could have just hired someone’s son or nephew to do the job or even continued with the lackluster agency. The bottom line was with Adam’s huge following in his own right, it only made sense for Real Madrid to do whatever it took to get him to Madrid to stay.

Amanda: “In your 5 years at the club what would you say was the real defining moment for you? That memory that you will tell your kids?”


<<Adam holding the coveted Champion’s League Cup

Adam: “Celebrating our 10th Champions League title with the team on the pitch and tweeting the game from the bench.”


Here is Adam that night with Gareth Bale who holds the record for highest priced soccer player in the world after his 90 million euro transfer to Real Madrid in 2013

“Also, getting to play at Bernabéu every Thursday.”

In an interview with Sports Blogger Leah Dyck “How This Kid Got His Dream Job at Real Madrid” Adam admits he got really lucky.

“It’s really sad because it doesn’t matter if you’re the best if you don’t have the contacts. I got lucky. I didn’t know anybody. They hired me because I was good, but that’s rare.”

Personally, what I have found rare about Adam is his level of humility. It was a job some people might kill for but it was just his job. Like any operation there were internal politics and drama that he had to work through for 5 years.

We talked a lot about dreams and how you should always respect other people’s dreams regardless of how big they are.

Adam has left Real Madrid to focus on his next move: taking his experience and skills stateside to one lucky up and coming soccer club. In the long-term, however, Adam wants to work in the space industry; planetary defense, making life multi-planetary and becoming an astronaut.
With the ever growing interest in the sport in America we are certain Adam will be successful in ALL of his endeavors.

Teal Cheese wants to wish Adam the best of luck in the future and a big thank you for letting us pick your brain!!