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Daily Archives: March 12, 2015

A Message to Kanye West From “Anonymous”

The group known only asĀ “Anonymous” is back with a message specifically for Kanye West and his lovely wife. Narrated by an individual in a Guy Fawkes mask, this 7 minute video says everything most of us have been thinking about Mr. West for a long

Kurt Cobain Documentary- “Montage of Heck”

On May 4 HBO will finally unleash this beast of a film we’ve all been waiting so many years for. In the past we were promised Cobain documentaries, but with the knowledge that it wouldn’t really feel authentic. THIS film, however, gets the greatest stamp

Bjork- “Lionsong” Video Premiere

Bjork has already begun to take over this year. The Museum of Modern Art decided to create a retrospective to her work. She dropped a new album, “Vulnicura”, and now one of the most eerie and intense songs off that album has a music video