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Daily Archives: March 10, 2015

TECHNOLOGY Tuesday #18- Using Plants As Air Purifiers

There are common houseplants that can actually purify the air inside your home. Indoor pollution isn’t something people often think about, but consider the amount of chemical products in your house. Bacteria…germs.. can all be partially, if not completely eliminated from your house just by

Kevin Gates Playlist

To accompany the fact that my hometown is going to finally host a Kevin Gates show, here’s a little playlist to help you pre-game for the show. Yes, pre-game starts three weeks early! #IDGT

Kevin Gates Live in Fort Myers!

A long overdue appearance by Kevin Gates in my little hometown of Fort Myers, Florida. The event will happen April 5th at Harborside Event Center Get your tickets NOW before they sell out! #IDGT Here’s a Kevin Gates Playlist to get ready for the show!