Why Bootleg The Power Rangers?

“When I was a child I had two favorite TV shows the X-Men animated series and Power Rangers. I eventually came to the realization that high school kids weaponized to fight an intergalactic threat would turn those kids into some seriously disturbed adults.”
Adi Shankar


Adi Shankar Presents a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Bootleg Film By Joseph Kahn


Created just for shits and grins, Kahn cobbled together what he’s labeling a “deboot FAN FILM.” Writing quite plainly in his video description that this is…

“…not a pilot, not a series, not for profit, strictly for exhibition. This is a bootleg experiment not affiliated or endorsed by Saban Entertainment or Lionsgate nor is it selling any product. I claim no rights to any of the characters (don’t send me any money, not kickstarted, this film is free). This is the NSFW version.”

notable cast:

Katee Sackhoff – Kimberly/Pink,

James Van Der Beek – Rocky,

Russ Bain – Tommy/Green,

Will Yun Lee – General Klank,

Gichi Gamba – Zack/Black