This is our first post from our newest contributor, Ariel Winslow. Much more to come from her as she settles into the Teal Cheese family.

“So, I’ve been trying to contemplate where to start in terms of “news” everyone needs to know. My decision…Vodka!

Have you ever heard of Tito’s vodka? Do you think it’s delicious?
We’ve found something better. Deep Eddy Vodka is the new MySpace jam and trust me, you need to get out and find this magical carpet ride! It will for sure change your life!”

Deep Eddy.BLKBackground

Made in Austin, Texas Deep Eddy Vodka is ten times distilled in copper cylinder stills. Now, if you don’t know about the huge difference copper makes to cooking in general, let me tell you! Copper is superior for heat conduction and is generally known as the best metal for quality cooking.”

Deep Eddy.Science

“Last Sunday, the Tito’s GM for the South Eastern United States came into my little liquor store and approached the counter with a bottle of Tito’s Vodka. I, obviously not knowing who he was, asked if he would like to try something better. He then says, “Oh, what could be better than Tito’s?” I, as I always say, “Deep Eddy, of course!” … He then informed me who he was. This did not faze me, at all. – I love a nice challenge! – So, I say to him “Well, Tito’s is being sued right now in multiple states for falsely advertising being ‘hand made’ – is your product hand made”? (Thanks journalism major) He, at this point, knows he’s in for a fight and says to me, “Actually that’s all bullshit, we’ll never change the name – of course we’re hand made – just added more stills to the factory.” OK, Really? Since when does “hand made” mean distilling your vodka using STILLS. To distill vodka properly in any large quantity –even small batch quantity- you need mechanical equipment that does most of the work. That’s the beauty of technology – it just does things better. I seriously doubt they’re busting out pots and pans to make Tito’s vodka – which is also mass-produced and sold in several different countries.”


“When it comes to purity, Deep Eddy is truly raising the bar in quality, vodka. They even use all GMO free products- gluten free organic products- and distill that 10 times.
Yes, ten times, and then literally juice the organic lemons (or grapefruit, or cranberries, tea, etc) into it during distillation! They are a completely green company as well – producing no waste in the production of their hand crafted products! The grapefruit infused Deep Eddy Vodka will, without a doubt, change your life! 70 freaking proof! Truly inspiring what these fabulous folks have done!”

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“This company, I personally think, wanted to give back to the community a quality yet affordable product – proving that all top quality products can be made affordably! It is incredibly unfortunate that, so often, big corporations cut corners and charge people more money than they should —Deep Eddy doesn’t! It’s absolutely fabulous! Be sure to try the brand spanking new Lemon infused flavor!”

Deep Eddy. Lemon

“I personally always fight for the little guy, especially when the “little guy” is just doing some good in this world filled with so much bad. We should always support companies like this! Never the companies whose employees believe,
Success means the CEO sits by himself, at his massive corporation boardroom table, and CONGRAGULATES HIMSELF, BY HIMSELF every year around Christmas.” – ACTUAL Titos Vodka quote. Maybe, just maybe, we should support those who want to bring the best quality of life to everyone, and at price everyone can afford.”

“Above all else –if nothing else—to thine own self be true! … Be impeccable with your word! BE HONEST! Then, if all else fails, when life gives you lemons… just add some water, and make a Deep Eddy lemonade!”



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