Track Listing:
1. Sianvar– “Your Tongue Ties”
2. Sianvar– “Sick Machine”
3. Sianvar– “Chest Pressure”
4. Eidola– “To Know What’s Real”
5. Eidola– “Going Nowhere”
6. A Lot Like Birds– “Vanity’s Fair”
7. Hail The Sun– “Dead Messages”
8. Hail The Sun– “Will They Blame Me If You Go Disappearing?”
9. Circa Survive– “Child Of The Desert”
10. Tyler Carter- “Georgia”
11. Issues- “Mad At Myself”
12. Tyler Carter- “Tears On the Runway Pt. 1” feat Nylo
13. Tyler Carter- “Leave Your Love”
14. Andre DeSaint- “Change The World”
15. Mouf– Brutus in the Booth Session
16. Bugzy Lavoe– “1997: Tipsy Conversations”
17. Future– “How Can I Not?” feat Young Scooter
18. Future- “Mad Luv”
19. Future- “Hardly”
20. Future- “Neva End” Remix feat Kelly Rowland
21. Jauz & At Dawn We Rage- “Proppa Demands”
22. OG Maco- “Love In The City”
23. OG Maco- “No Pressure”
24. Future- “No Basic”

I’ll be adding to this playlist periodically before the month is out.
This is a collection of songs that not only reflect my mood but they showcase artists who I feel will have a big influence on the music scene this year.
Shout out to the whole Blue Swan Records family for putting out such consistency great music.