Cro’s new video for “Hey Girl” is here!!

Happy Freitag!! Today we are back with the Panda masked nightmare himself to present the video for his new track “Hey Girl”.
Directed by Lars Timmermann, the video starts with the Cro sitting in an American style diner when his dream girl walks in. But the video takes a love song and turns it on it’s head with a killer Barbie murder mystery ending with a one way trip to Bermuda.

A killer Barbie? Sounds like someone we know but we won’t speculate on who could be the true inspiration for Cro’s musik. We would rather watch and listen for what’s to come.

We also want to congratulate him on nearly completing a multi-country tour! (And still finding time to impress that killer Barbie of his.) With two more stops in his home town of Stuttgart this weekend we want to wish him a nice restful holiday season. GET IT CRO!!!

We see big things happening for the whole Cro crew stateside so stay tuned because TealCheese will be there every step of the way!!

Interested in what he is actually saying? Click HERE for a translation and learn some German while you are at it!!!