(Photo Credit: Ainsley McCullers, at the Kidd Kwest pop up show two weeks ago)
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N: “So how is the recording process coming along?”

KK: “I really have a lot of beats stacked up. I’ve been getting a lot of beats online, as i said. I have been reaching out to underground producers who I really feel are doing something special. It’s funny, some of the guys I got beats from months ago are now blowing up doing Drake tracks, it’s crazy.”

N: “It has always been funny to me how much the producers are overlooked.”

KK: “I think what’s about to happen is, people are going to start caring less about the rappers and realizing “Oh! The producers have lives too, and they’re actually the stars of the show! I don’t like this song because of the rappers flow, I like the BEAT!

N: “We’ve talked about it before, a lot of songs are just so ignorant but they catch your ear because the beat is ridiculous.
As far as where hip hop is going…it scares me to look at the scene.”

KK: “I think a lot of the artists that really last are going to really unexpected. For instance, Waka and Kid Cudi. That may seem strange, but those are the kinds of artists that will be remembered for changing the sound and feel. And it’s not just the “stars” I see making it. Someone like Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Killa Mike.”

N: “I really see Kitty Pryde blowing up and doing something amazing.”

KK: “I think she will definitely branch out. She will be one of those people will a cult following.”

N: “Are you ever worried about how people perceive you or your music?”

KK: “I feel like as long as I’m trying my best on my part and putting in 110%, the rest will fall into place. All music is subjective. There will always be people who like it and don’t like it.”

N: “Now of course I have to ask you about the “Kidd Called Kwest” mixtape and how that’s coming along.”

KK: “I’m writing a lot, im writing about some stuff from my past, some stuff right now, and some things im expecting to happen. Im trying to embody all of Kidd Kwest. As far as a tracklist, that’s changed like sixteen times (laughs). I’ve written so many songs at this point, I know what’s meant to be on “Kidd Called Kwest”.
I feel like it’s more of a feeling I’m trying to put out than a story that I’m telling necesarily.”

N: And now I’m seeing online this group you’re in called Smash Bros. Is that a kind of side project?

KK: “It’s just making music with a few of my friends who are all from Fort Myers and love to get in the studio. We all love what we do and vibe together well.”

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