Today we have a guest post from our good friend Amanda Lucy Bagley! She currently lives in Heilbronn, Germany. In the day time she teaches English to business professionals and at night she is busy making moves to get some of our favorite local artist over to Europe to tour.
My Fort Myers friends might remember her as A BAGS, A LU BAGS, A DOOSH BAG, A MURDA BAGS, or just plans BAGS

Cro is the Southern German inventor of “Raop” and Teal Cheese is a huge fan!

 photo rapper-cro.jpg

“I touched down in Germany in February 2012 and one of the first songs I heard on BIG fm was from some rapper named Cro.”

“We all know, I love rap and hip hop. Growing up in South West Florida exposes you to some of the most gangster and creative lyrics and beats REAL early.
I cheerleaded for 8 years, our routines were set to the tunes of rappers from that time, the likes of Trick Daddy, Lil Jon, 50 and Nelly to name a few.
We liked what was on the radio but preferred mixtapes. We had kids making beats with pencils and books or just pounding on the cafeteria tables.
I think it was around the time Lil Wayne released Dedication 2 that I started writing.

I never pay attention – I just take music for what it is.”

“To say I was impressed with this kid is an understatement.”

“(this video was filmed near the language company I work for in Stuttgart)

If you have real range, if you have clever lyrics, and you have the style and
everything to go with it. IF YOU CAN PLAY AN INSTRUMENT.
Thats an impression. If you don’t rap about drugs and guns and try and glamorize the “thug life.”
I like that, too. I see too many of these young kids (here in Southern Germany) walking around in their 40 different 59/50 fitted flat bills
thinking they know what thug life is about. HAHA. Or they just want to personify Chris Brown (wow! there’s a role model for you)”

“Love and the idea of forever young is the basic message I hear when I listen to this Carlo (real name) guy sing/rap. Understandably, you probably don’t understand German,
but perhaps if you listen enough you might learn some. I remember the day I managed to sing all of his song ‘Easy’ without stopping and how cool I felt.”

“By the time October of the same year rolled around this Cro made it to 1,000,000 fans on Facebook. We music industry people know that’s
a real landmark when you released your first single within the same year and before you were opening for Madcon the year before. (PROST)
They did all this without a major label telling them what to do.”

2nd Album release ‘Melodie’

Traum “Dream” first single from his new album

I sent some tracks from his new album “Melodie” over to Nick yesterday with the translations.
Nick said “This guy can write a love song better than Frank ocean!”
Ich denke auch.

 photo cro5.jpg

“It made sense one of the first times I ever watched his concerts on youtube. DUH he wants to have a life outside of music.
Who knows maybe I have passed him on the street?
People love him for his music not because he is hot. Thats why I listen.”

 photo a52f951e-8237-4952-8ca0-741134a76eeb.jpg

“ich habe immer gesagt “yeah I will go to one of his shows”
I am so busy working aber vllt im Mannheim?

Just know that we listen, and we love it.
We want more
gibts scheiß that I need to work through
aber verdammt, I just can’t stop listening to you.
ich warte bis nächste mal