This fall has graced us with some of the finest electronic music album releases of the year, or dare I say, in the past decade.   Within the past month Odesza, SBTRKT, Slow Magic, Gorgon City, Caribou, Aphex Twin, and yes, Flying Lotus have all released new albums that are all absolutely innovative in their own respects.  Flying Lotus really outdoes himself this time around though, by sticking to his jazz-influenced background, incorporating electronic aesthetics that really help balance out this album.  Some of the guests that appear on the album are Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Niki Randa and Thundercat.

Flying Lotus — You’re Dead! Track List:

1. Theme
2. Tesla [ft. Herbie Hancock]
3. Cold Dead
4. Fkn Dead
5. Never Catch Me [ft. Kendrick Lamar]
6. Dead Man’s Tetris [ft. Snoop Dogg and Captain Murphy]
7. Turkey Dog Coma
8. Stirring
9. Coronus, the Terminator
10. Siren Song [ft. Angel Deradoorian]
11. Turtles
12. Ready Err Not
13. Eyes Above
14. Moment of Hesitation [ft. Herbie Hancock]
15. Descent Into Madness [ft. Thundercat]
16. The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep [ft. Captain Murphy]
17. Obligatory Cadence
18. Your Potential / The Beyond [ft. Niki Randa]
19. The Protest

This album is definitely what some would call a ‘concept’ album and is meant to be listened to in its’ entirety in one sitting.  He recently began touring in support of the new album, with Miami’s own III Points Music Festival as his second stop.  So if you’re currently living in West Palm, Broward, or Miami-Dade County it is in your best interest to make your way down to the show because it is, without a doubt, going to be one for the books!

Get your tickets here!  and don’t forget to check out the new video for “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar.