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Monthly Archives: October 2014

PARTYTIME Friday #13: Kidd Kwest Interview Part 3

(Photo Credit: Ainsley McCullers, at the Kidd Kwest pop up show two weeks ago) In case you missed it: PART 1 AND PART 2 of my interview with Kidd Kwest. N: “So how is the recording process coming along?” KK: “I really have a lot of

THREADS Thursday #13- Elephant Ink

Elephant Ink is a Fort Myers based company that takes a little different approach to business. Just doing what they do for fun, they are NOT an incorporated entity. That obviously allows for total freedom creatively and conceptually. They do a LOT of collab work

MUST SEE! Monday #15- Circa Survive Video Premiere

Over the last few months Circa has been slowly unveiling their next chapter. First came the tour announcement: Order your tickets HERE! Then, over the last few weeks they leaked pieces of their new album artwork AND pieces of a new song. FINALLY, today they release the first track

KICK START Sunday #14: FREE E.P. from Mouf.

Mouf is a hip hop artist I was introduced to by my very good friend Kidd Kwest. He had told me about PayUp! Game and to watch out for them on the scene. He was absolutely right. Mouf’s “Eyes” E.P. is the only music I’ve

PARTYTIME Friday #12- Artist Feature: Cro

Today we have a guest post from our good friend Amanda Lucy Bagley! She currently lives in Heilbronn, Germany. In the day time she teaches English to business professionals and at night she is busy making moves to get some of our favorite local artist over

THREADS Thursday #12- Lurk Hard

LURK HARD is one of the most popular Sacramento street skate brands. Over the past few years, this Cali clothing company has gotten a lot of support from Blake Anderson (Workaholics). Fresh new styles and prints and MORE THAN reasonable prices! Check out their online

Hail The Sun- “Wake” Full Album Stream

When I went to go see Hail the Sun last month this album hadn’t been released yet. I was lucky enough to hear a few of the new songs live. That didn’t even prepare me for how EPIC this album truly is. Lyrics that are

FIRST Monthly Teal Cheese Playlist

The first installment of the monthly Teal Cheese YouTube playlist! There’s a little something for everyone. This is definitely a list that reflects my “all over the place” taste in music. Enjoy! Track Listing: 1. Kidd Kwest– “Momentum Shift” feat. Nell 2. Tove Lo- “Habits

MUST SEE! Monday #14 – DMX vs the slingshot (Orlando, FL)