Tired of being an amateur?



The specs on these cameras have been leaking out for months, and now the HERO 4  is OUT!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.34.24 PM

The new HERO 4 Black offers a unique and vivid 4K resolution.

4,000 pixels across the long edge, about twice the size of the iPhone 6!  Looking for a serious new camera in wrapped in a small protective water proof case?




Did I mention the HERO 4 also has a touch screen which can also preview your shots?

But that is not it!  The giant 4K images at 30 frames per second (fps), really big 2.7K images at up to 48 fps are great for moderate slo-mo, and 120 fps at 1920 x 1080 pixels for super slo-mo.

I know not enough…but it also shoots 12-megapixel stills at up to 30 fps and has a shutter-speed override for low-light exposures and nighttime time-lapses, a first for GoPro.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.42.57 PM

Also for the Youtube community…aka the WORLD – YouTube recently upgraded to 4K !

So along with the Canon 5D Mark III (the go-to DSLR for most photo/video journalists), the Hero 3+ Black edition, and the Hero 4 Black edition are going to be your next big experience for short films, music videos and other forms of independent or experimental home/professional videos.  

Wanna see life in 4K?  Buy a GoPRO4 !