Only a few weeks after our first meeting, I find myself spontaneously sitting down with Kidd Kwest for the second part in my series of interviews with him. In the time since we last spoke I had been exploring the work he’s been doing and I came across an EP titled City of Palms where Kidd Kwest is featured with rappers from the Fort Myers area.

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N: “Tell me about this City of Palms EP, I found it online last week.”

KK: “City of Palms was an idea I had to bring a bunch of people together who are from the same area, who don’t normally work together, to not only make music with each other but to create a scene. Bringing a whole bunch of people together with a common interest and passion, that’s how you create a scene.”

N: “What is it that you’re working on now?”

KK: “Right now I’m working on a collab mixtape with a few friends of mine, K.G. and Brian Howard. It doesn’t have a title or anything yet.”

N: “Where in the process are you? Have you been recording?”

KK: “Yeah we have done some recording, that’s actually where I’m going right after this, to the studio. We’re just letting this process happen organically. I want to record all summer and then put out the finished product.”

N: “So, definitely no “release date” per se…”

KK: “No, I really hate to put a date on anything that I’m going to release in the future. I just feel like that’s setting up possible disappointment for me and the listeners.  I can’t stand when an artist says “Oh yeah, this is dropping next month” and I’m so excited about it, just to see the date get pushed back 3 months.
I’d rather just let it be known that I’m working and when it’s finished, it’ll be released.”

N: “So other than the collab mix that’s coming, what’s next for Kidd Kwest?”

KK: “Ever since I started rapping I’ve been writing for a mixtape called “A Kidd Called Kwest”

N: “What’s the relation between that and the song of the same name on your SoundCloud?”

KK: “I released that track prematurely, knowing that it would be the title track of a mixtape eventually. “A Kidd Called Kwest” has been the project I’ve been working on since I first created my name. I have to embody Kidd Kwest as much as possible right now, that won’t be me forever.”

N: “I want to come back to that in a second, where did the name Kidd Kwest come from?”

KK: “A Tribe Called Quest is one of my biggest musical influences, that’s definitely what sparked the idea.”

N: “Ok, now you said you won’t be Kidd Kwest forever, what do you mean by that? As in eventually you won’t be doing rap music?”

KK: “No, No, I just know that as I get older I will evolve as an artist. And with that will eventually come a name change. I just can’t see myself being 25 having someone call me “Kidd” anything” he laughed.

More with Kidd Kwest SOON… For now, check out the

City of Palms EP  and download it for FREE here!