Most people have heard in the recent world news about the notorious company MONSANTO.  Monsanto is synonymous with GMO’S in the worldwide market of the Food Supply.


In this documentary GMO! OMG! Director Jeremy Seifert explores the insides and outs of farms, seeds, and all of the different people involved in promoting and preventing GMO’s in our food supply.

After questioning everyone and everything about the GMO’s in our world food supply Seifert tirelessly attempts to cause a great awakening to expose ALL OF US to the food industry and what we are putting in our bodies.


As most people still wonder if we can fill the plates of the world with ALL ORGANIC food, this documentary takes a bold leap into the homes of many to INFORM them of what we are eating!

#FOOD is something we all need to survive.  CHECK OUT THIS DOCUMENTARY AS SOON AS YOU CAN!


After all its YOUR HEALTH!



Jeremy Seifert and sons