So I’m sitting here listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast and he made mention of a plant called Iboga in reference to helping treat drug addiction.
So I look further into this and find countless testimonies from people who have received Ibogaine treatment in other countries (because it is, of course, outlawed in the U.S.)
These people were using heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, or were polysubstance addicts. All of these people from all different walks of life were talking about how they had NO withdraw symptoms when undergoing this treatment. Meaning they had NO DETOX experience. For anyone who has ever gone through drug withdraw and know someone who has, you know that is completely unheard of! Which only made me dig deeper into this subject. It certainly does not sound like an easy experience to go through. The patients were almost all describing how the Ibogaine treatment showed them the roots and causes of their fears and anxieties. It allowed them to see their “true self.”
Now these same people will also tell you that although Iboga is a great way to START the process of sobriety, it is NOT a magic cure. Once you undergo this treatment it is imperative that you have a plan of action. Changing diet and daily lifestyle choices is, of course, still part of the process.
It is described in the video I will link here as a “catalyst” to a new life, free from chemical dependency.
I come out of all of this with two important questions: One: Is Ibogaine a safe treatment option for addicts?
And I believe that it is, BUT only when administered and monitored by a medical professional in a hospital setting with an emergency plan in place.
and Two: If it can be used safely and effectively as a sort of catalyst for getting clean, why would the U.S. outlaw something like that?

I think the answer to that can be seen every time you turn on T.V. The government makes far too much money off of the pharmaceutical industry to ever risk the profits of so many of THEIR drugs. So, it’s better to just keep society in the dark as to their options, right? Thats a fair trade for the lives of human beings, Isn’t it?

Please take the time to watch this documentary. Its only 50 minutes and can explain the Ibogaine treatment far better than I ever could:

This is a man named Aubrey Marcus talking to Joe Rogan about his experience with

Iboga treatment