MUST SEE! Monday #4 – INSIDE DJTT(DJ Tech Tools) w/ EAN GOLDEN

If you make or mix music you need to know who Ean Golden is or at least visit his site’s . Why?…because this is one of, if not THE dude pushing the electronic music industry to new levels. Without Ean’s love of “controllerism” and the team he has put together DJing wouldn’t be as popular as it is today, or as fun and easy. The world would have never got such things as the midi fighter, chroma caps, or the MASSIVE catalog of of ideas and information Ean and other DJTT forum/blog members have  posted to

Here’s a video on this guy and his amazing team:

Fly out to Ibiza, Spain to see Ean Golden play  LIVE this Thursday  at Richie Hawtin’s party ENTER…..or come back to…we will have the stream 🙂