PARTYTIME Friday #3 – The Perfect Black and Tan

Black and Tan is a beer cocktail made from a blend of a pale beer (usually pale ale or lager) and a dark beer (usually stout or porter).  Black and Tan beers are my favorite things to make and drink at home. I came across and the sister site I saw some crazy combinations I’m excited to try out. The trick to pouring a good Black and Tan is to pour the heavier beer on first, then pour the next one over the back of a spoon. This will make one beer float on top of the other.  This can be tricky depending on the spoon, but site has figured out an even better way. The Perfect Black and Tan is also a product that goes over the top of a pint glass to carry the correct flow. This makes the process faster with ideal flow and spread as the beer filters past the perfect black and tan product. Go explore their website and let use know if there is any beer combos we should.

Popular mixes:

Black Honey – Half Guinness and Half Honey Brown.

Black and White – Stout with any light colored beer.

Black and Blue – Stout with Blue Moon Belgian White, or stout and blueberry ale, Guinness and Pabst Blue Ribbon, Guinness and Labatt Blue. Typically, this refers to any variation of stout coupled with blueberry-flavored ales or brands with the name “Blue” in them.

Black & Sam – Guinness stout and Samuel Adams Boston Lager (also called a Patriot Pint or Boston Half and Half)

Black & Cherry – Guinness stout and Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Black and Orange – Stout and pumpkin ale (Also known as a “Black & Blumpkin”, or a “Black-O-Blumpkin”, also called a Stumpkin in some circles)

Black Sap or Black Jap or Black Nip – Stout and Sapporo

All Irish Black & Tan a.k.a. Pint of Special a.k.a Blacksmith – Guinness Stout and Smithwick’s Irish Ale

Black and Red – Guinness and Killians Irish Red Lager.

Old Dirty Englishman aka Tetness – Half Guinness and half Tetley’s

Black Bee – Half Guinness and half Boddington’s Ale

Sweet Black and Tan (Scottish) – Sweetheart Stout and any light ale (i.e. 60 shilling)

Philadelphia Black & Tan – Half Guinness and half Yuengling Lager

Black & Gold – Half Guinness Stout and half hard cider (e.g., Magners or Woodchuck). Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a snakebite, which is actually a mixture of half lager and half cider. When made specifically with Woodchuck Cider it is also called a Stout Woody and a Black Chuck

Black Christmas (or Kwanzaa) – Guinness draught over Christmas Ale.

Black & Red – Half chocolate stout over half raspberry or cherry lambic

Jamaican Black & Tan – Half Guinness and half Red Stripe

Black Hoe – Half Guinness and half Hoegaarden.

Thistle & Shamrock – Beamish & McEwan’s

Irish American – Half Guinness and half Budweiser or Miller.

Irish Canadian – Half Guinness and half Molson Canadian

Black Castle – Half Guinness and half Newcastle Brown Ale

San Patricios – Half Guinness and half any Mexican beer (Corona, Pacifico, Dos Equis, Negro Modelo)

Black Tire – Half Guinness and half New Belgium Fat Tire

Irish Anarchist – Any Irish stout atop any Irish red ale. The name is a reference to the anarchist-syndicalist flag, which is black and red.

The Greatness – Half Guinness and Half Great White. (Great White is from Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, Ca.)

Eclipse/Black Moon – Half Guinness and Half Blue Moon

Black Girl – Half Guinness and St Pauli Girl

Tetness Shot – Part Guinness and part Tetley’s and part Starbucks Coffee Liqueur. Be careful; this one stings a bit!

Blacks on Blondes – Half Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and half Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde

Green Goblin – Half Heinken and half Hobgoblin

Imperial Black & Tan – Half Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and half Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

Dark & Steamy – Half Anchor Steam Beer and half Guinness

Black Magic – Half Guinness and Half Magic Hat #9

Dirty Bush (Traditional) – Half stout Guinness half Bush Light Mixed Seasonally.

Red Velvet – Half Guinness, Half Raspberry Cider Jack

Black Velvet – Half Guinness and half Champagne or sparkling wine

Black Ball – Half 3 Floyd’s Gumballhead and half Guinness