In 2010 Japanese turntable manufacturer, Panasonic, issued a statement to the Tokyo Reporter officially stating they will be discontinuing the Technics 1200 mk6 turntable and ended a solid 30 year run.

The following statement was issued from Panasonic headquarters to the Tokyo Reporter:

“Panasonic decided to end production mainly due to a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production,”

BUT WHY!?! At that time places like Best Buy and Urban Outfitters were starting to carry vinyl reissue albums, get music instruments, and electronic music production and performance finally had a vast market. BEST OF ALL WAS FINALLY AFFORDABLE! So did the turntable go byebye? Beatport…Traktor..and genre changes made the turntable unneeded. Richie Hawtin is a perfect example of an artist that the music and gear have evolved around. He and other are the reason we have timecode vinyl, controllers, and a whole digital age of live performance and improvisation. Just like “if you give a mouse a cookie”, people will use advancing technology as a crutch after a while. Yes, here it is the SYNC button topic.  Considering most modern music is made to a “click track” and/or a set tempo the whole track you can use a computer to grid the track so you don’t “trainwreck.” This is AMAZING if you use the technology for muti-genre/tempo sets or want to play lots of decks at once, BUT insanely boring if you just mix the 32 bars of the intros and outro of a track. Sadly that’s what most people do…play two songs made in the same key, same progression, and same structure, then claim their “mashup” is a work of art…NO!..thats why you are all getting your soundcloud accounts raided.

OK..back to vinyl now that everyone is a “DJ” and vinyl is cool all the hip people are supporting “Record Store Day” and other gimmicks marketed to the trend. I can only guess those hipsters have collections of vinyl and they are bored watching the club djs play “mashups” and want to ditch the belt drive deck for two direct drives and a mixer. THIS IS GREAT!!!..WHY?..everyone TRYING to mix on their $20+ vinyl will know have to keep buying records. Digital music sales suck for the indie market…guess what’s back WHITELABEL / DUBPLATES! runs you hand out or sell to a niche market makes your music more in demand.

Fine we have NWA and Skrillex vinyls at the store, now how do the kids get a REAL rig together in 2014? Pioneer saw that door wide open. Since the CD is DEAD they need a new flagship product for the DJs that want a PLATTER. DMC will be just as cool as Ultra and EDC now with the introduction of the PLX-1000. For only $699 it’s a steal compared to vintage 1200 models and wobbly junk you might get from ebay or a pawn shop. I personally cant wait to feel these since Qbert seems really happy with them. The $699 price is where you know Pioneer will get tricky and do something to compete with their own products as they always do. Selling cdjs wont continue forever and Pioneer doesn’t seem as popular as other brands in the controller market.

In conclusion, The PLX-1000 seems super promising and a much needed product for the current market. Will the companies like Vastex and Numark get lucky too?