He was born John McCullers and raised in Fort Myers, FL. He went to Cypress Lake High School where he was involved in theater. Started rapping when he was 15 and much to my surprise he’s only 18 years old as I sit here and talk to him.
Some of his responses seem as though they’re coming from a seasoned veteran. Either that or a very highly intelligent young man who, the more I get to know him, the more he impresses me.
We tried going to sit down inside a Starbucks but it was completely full. So we made a makeshift office out of my car and got down to business.
ME: “How did you get into rapping? Like who put you on to it?”

KK: “My boy Jeffrey was the one who really got me started taking it seriously. Him and my boy Herbie.”

ME: “Now do you make your own beats? Or how do you come across the ones you rap over?”

KK: “I get a lot of beats sent to me online through Twitter and Facebook. People send them to me all the time.” Then he stops and thinks for a second…“My boy Peter!! Him and Paris, man! I got to shout them out! Them and Slyme Cats Beats are doing most of my beats lately.” The duo he’s referring to (Peter and Paris) call themselves The Silence Killers. Check out their Facebook page HERE!

ME: “So, what is rap music to you, as far as what you create?”

KK: “It’s a platform to speak and ultimately motivate people.”

ME: “When you see the mainstream hip hop/rap world, what do you see?”

KK: “Honestly, a lot of them are really bad rappers, but I won’t lie, I listen to half of it because the beats catch me. I know the content of their lyrics isn’t anything real.”

ME: “Do you see anyone in the mainstream today that you think could be a long lasting artist?”

KK: “Definitely Kendrick (Lamar)….and Chance (The Rapper)”

ME: “What did you grow up listening to? Who were the artists who inspired you at first?”

KK: “The main influence was probably Outkast. The first Kanye album, T.I. and Wayne.”

ME: “You mentioned earlier you want to motivate people. Why and how do you want to do that?”

KK: “I see everyone around me in a complacent society. Settling for whatever they feel they have to. I just want people to understand you don’t have to be a rapper, singer, or any kind of celebrity. The most important thing is to make a career and a living doing what you love.”

More with Kidd Kwest is coming, for now show support and check out his SoundCloud and get that free music!