HP has a new invention they are calling: The Machine. Which is really a fitting title because no name could do this justice. It is a combination of a server, workstation, computer, phone and well pretty much everything. The Machine is capable of calculating 640 TBs of data in ONE ONE BILLIONTH of a second.
In order to handle a rush of information like that, it uses a cluster of specialized cores instead of the usual small, generalized cores of a computer, etc. It also features a technology called memristors which make it able to store info even after power loss.
The Machine is 6 times more powerful than ANY existing server and requires eighty times less energy to run.
Chief technology officer Martin Fink explained that if the technology were scaled down we could have smart phones with 100 TBs of memory!
Samples will be ready just next year but HP says this product won’t be widely available until 2018. Thats something that for once, is worth waiting for.
Here is a video from Discover 2014 that much more thoroughly explains this technology: