So as I sit here listening to “Hebrews”, the now SIXTH album (including one release of B sides and early recordings) I can’t help but wonder: how can a band get away with making one great album and then the same thing 5 different times after that, and still have people buying into it?
The first track I turned on was titled “Judas Decapitation” which already had me a little leery. The first 30 seconds had a very angry and pent up feel, much like that of “…Is a Real Boy”. So i’m thinking “Maybe Max Bemis got pissed off enough to make another great album!”
Think again, because by minute one, it’s plain that it is nothing more than another shitty pop song by a band who has the potential to create so much greater music.
The albums title track honestly sounds like a bad joke. A strange, non cohesive mixture of strings and keyboards creates a truly uncomfortable soundscape. I’m left wondering who told Max and Co. that any of this was a good idea.
The beginning of the track titled “Lost My Touch” has Bemis whining within the first 20 seconds “Some say I’ve lost my touch in crafting Say Anything songs…” and honestly I couldn’t have said it better myself.
This entire album boasts an almost unnecessary amount of guest spots filled by everyone from Tom Delonge and Chris Conley to Los Compleanos….No….I don’t know why.
“Hebrews” from beginning to end screams desperation. “Please pay attention to me, I’M STILL RELEVANT” could be dubbed over every track and have the same amount of authenticity. It’s sad to see someone who has made such amazing, lyrically spell binding songs in the past settle for such mediocrity. But such is 99% of the industry today. So do yourselves a favor and save your itunes gift cards.