I discovered this band through following Blue Swan Records (run by Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance). Donovan Melero‘s voice lends such a necessary element and feel to the band. He is a musician I got the privilege of seeing live and meeting with his band Hail the Sun, where he played drums AND sang at once and did both with such precision it was unbelievable.
I was of course excited to hear he had a side project, and once I sat and listened to the EP the first time, I had to replay it a few times. The complexity of the music Sianvar creates leads to hearing something new with every listen.
That is rare in an artist of any genre these days. Any band that can have such musical impact in a little over 20 minutes deserves to be noticed and I can’t wait to see what comes next (we can only hope a full length album) from Sianvar.

Check out their self titled EP below & buy it HERE!