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MY 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS: Chris Donis (Funeral Attire)

Massachusetts natives Funeral Attire are bringing the fundamentals back to post-hardcore music. Lots of bands label themselves that genre but very few have the ability to bring the emotion like these guys. I caught myself listening to their EP (at 8 songs it’s more of

A Pep Talk to Myself: “Charcoal and Oil” U.S. Premiere

Australian band Luke Seymoup are back with a new music video, “Charcoal and Oil”. They have a new album coming out next month and if this song is any indication it’s time to get excited. Luke (Guitar/Vocals) had a few words to say about the

Eddie B – Dose ft. Jay$teez

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. As of late, Texas is so criminally slept on when it comes to hip hop. As big as it is, you’d think people would realize the large amount of talent and potential that exists in each

Who’s Lil Ooh?: An Introduction

Lil Ooh caught me by surprise. What I thought would be an average friday night in April, just pulling up to a small local show in my area to support my people I knew who were performing, led me to someone completely unexpected. When I

MY 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS: Julio Almaguer (The Vox Arcanum)

In case you missed it, click here to see my interview with The Vox Arcanum. Click here to see Tony’s 10 favorite albums. And now Julio takes a stab at narrowing down the albums that inspire him most. Otis Redding- Live at the Whiskey “The

MY 10 FAVORITE ALBUMS: Sierra Binondo (With Sails Ahead)

The world needs more female-fronted rock bands. With Sails Ahead are meeting that need and exceeding expectation, rapidly rising out of Brick Township in New Jersey. This band is hard at work and giving some of the staples of the genre a run for their

A Successful Disaster: One Musician’s Story

Welcome to the mind of a musician. One thing I can say about Johan Danno is that he is one of the most genuine and straight-forward people I’ve ever spoken to. His passion for what he does is something that gets too often lost in

A Setting or Tone- Get to Know The Vox Arcanum

With no shortage of ideas or riffs, The Vox Arcanum come ripping out of L.A. with their debut album, Of Time and Fate. Being a relatively new band has it’s challenges but these guys overcame the odds and put out a really well thought out record.

How To Install XFER SERUM Presets (For PC)

If you are having trouble finding where to install your presets, wavetables, and white noises .. here is a quick video I found really helpful: