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Sleep Party People (2011 LIVE SET FOOTAGE)

The Copenhagen X Sessions was a project by Sony Ericsson in cooperation with the Roskilde Festival in 2011…I found this set of 4 tracks from Sleep Party People that was recorded there.  These live versions of these tracks are absolutely amazing. So much echo, delay, and reverb makes


Bandcamp Adventures 6 – #FlashbackFriday

This post will be a little different. Instead of just looking at a specific tag/genre, I’ll be looking at all the music that I’ve found through my time using bandcamp. My personal favorites, albums and eps that I still listen to to this day. –


Mass Gothic – Nice Night [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Nice Night” from Mass Gothic’s 2/5/16 album… Sub Pop Records Twitter Facebook SoundCloud MegaMart VIDEO CREDITS Director: Addison Post Video Production House: Loroto Productions, LLC. / Filmed in one take, on an evening in June.


Gvcci Hvcci – Bullet In The Head (stream/lyrics)

[Gvvci Hvcci] Back from the dead [Anonymous female] Smoke that shit till my eyes turn red, The only way to stop me is a bullet in the head, Like im back from the dead   Pussy put that pretty boy I just fucked Right to


THREADS THURSDAY #25: Converse Chet Atkins All Wah

So unless you’re a famous musician, you’re probably not going to be playing around with this anytime soon. However, this proof of concept is a great starting point for pedal companies for alternatives to the typical pedal board set up. There’s even a wireless mode


The Weeknd Announces New Album, Drops New Song

The King of The Fall is back for a re-up Coming off the most successful album he’s had so far with Beauty Behind  The Madness, Canadian R&B god The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye is steadily prepping his follow up. Titled Starboy, the album signals a


Chain Fest: 20-Year Anniversary Celebration Festival a Huge Success

I’ve only been in Los Angeles for a short period of time and it’s not taken me long to realize that the promotors and venues in the area know how to throw an event. The latest event, Chain Fest, did not disappoint. Put on by


Interview with Natalie of Southbound Brewing Company (Teal Cheese exclusive)

It’s 9:00am on a dreary, overcast Saturday morning in Savannah, Georgia. Mentally, I am somewhere between drunk and hungover. Physically, I have found myself at the steps of Southbound Brewery. 25 year old Tour and Event Manager, Natalie Alexander turns the key and leads us


Earl Sweatshirt Perfoms New Music

A true lyricist of the new generation of hip hop, Earl Sweatshirt is gearing up to bless us with new music. Performing last week at the One Love Music Festival, after he’d already gifted the fans with a reunion of him and Tyler, The Creator,